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004-premiumSimply Better

Virtual Ryanair is built by pilots with a proven track record. We offer an experience that we guarantee no other Virtual Airline can offer. We focused on offering our pilots things that matter like an Electronic Flight Bag and operations manual. vRYR is designed with the help of real world Ryanair pilots, nobody does the Boeing 737 better than us.

001-medal Premium

Tired of the same old websites? vRYR is a custom registered “.com” Virtual Airline, our staff have invested more than time into this VA. We have partnered with some amazing companies such as vaBase and VAS to give you an experience like no other. Have a look around our website and notice the difference.

003-calendar Real World Schedule

With the help of VAS, we are able to offer our pilots the exact ryanair schedule every month. At vRYR we update our schedule as soon as the real Ryanair does, meaning you get to fly all 5878 scheduled flights as you see them on flightradar! All our schedules include accurate data including Departure times, callsigns, days flown and more! Click here to view our latest schedule.

002-pilotBy Pilots for Pilots

vRYR was founded by real world airline pilots including real world ryanair pilots. When it comes to realism nobody knows better than us. Wether you’re looking for the best in community realism or your looking for guidance on you’re future aviation career, we have something for everyone.

001-airplane What makes us different?

The Virtual Airline Community is crowded with many different Airlines from all over the world, picking one was hard, but not any more.

  • Virtual Ryanair was worked very hard to develop an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for our pilots. our EFB provided pilots with V-Speeds and Landing data, tested against the official Boeing performance calculator, and the results… well amazing!

  • Unlike other VA’s we credit our pilots with Block Time not Flight Time. Like in the real world our pilots get to log from pushback to shutdown, guaranteeing our pilots get more hours per flight than any other Virtual Airline.

  • Standard Operating Procedures, at vRYR we don’t tell you where to fly but we have guidelines to operating our aircraft, like the real world airline industry. Our SOP’s are based off the official Ryanair and Boeing manuals, meaning you get to read what the Pro’s read.

  • Requirement to join?
    We don’t discriminate, everyone with a passion for flying is welcome!

  • What About Ranks?
    Our Ranks are covered in our Manuals when you join, Ranks at vRYR are a sign of respect earned through hard work and being active on our community.

  • Slack or Discord?
    We use discord, it’s less restrictive and we are very active using voice channels!

  • What happens when I register?
    Your application will be reviewed by management, you will receive an email regarding the outcome of your application regardless.

  • Do you fly any other aircraft type?
    No. We are proud to only fly the 737-800, Did you know Ryanair is the largest 737-800 operator in the world?

Get in Touch
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at admin@virtualryr.com


Your website is absolutely stunning!!

Best of Luck. “Safe” Landings!


Thank you, were glad you like it !


Woohoo, its finally up! Go vRYR!


I was waiting for this! @Jmacd20 knows what I mean. I love the detail put into the website. Don’t let the actual RyanAir reflect on how you fly ;). “Safe” landings, Ryan


Wowoo! Looks amazing!


Yeah i have to agree with my fellow Community partners. Looks absolutly AMAZING Good luck


We would love to have you guys onboard! @Ryan_Vidad @NationofAviation @Lars_Thorein


Virtual RyanAir looks great! Really nice website!

Is it IFVARB approved?

Yes we are :) We got approval yesterday.


Cough* we have some competition in the LCC market cough* but as long as you stay in the EU and we get America 😉😉😉😉 we won’t mind cough*

Brilliant website and thread my man.


Wow looks amazing! Do you have to choose a hub to fly to/out of or can you do any route?


So you’ll choose a hub, but you choose your routes! And with over 5000 to choose from, there are plenty to keep you entertained.


Both the VAs are amazing. And yep u have comp ;)


I think you should send an email to O’leary and tell him to avoid the Tran-atlantic scene ;)
Thanks for the kind words!


Perhaps you need to contact Michael O’Leary and see if you can replace his pilots…

Amazing thread and best of luck from the Runway, we’ll be watching your Landing closely…


Looks great! Best of luck to you and your VA. :)


Not sure where the reputation of ryaniar landings have come from, but having watched many up close, I’d say they do a darn good job ;)


Been wanting to do more EU flying. Sent in my application because this seems very professionally done. One of my big knocks on most of the VAs here is that they’re just made up by some random person with no kind of aviation background who can’t deliver the sense of realism that many like myself crave. Good on you gentlemen for this quality product.


I love how you guys are real life Ryanair pilots. Great idea and this will be very successful. Best of luck!