VRMM RWY 36 APPR issue

Yesterday I was on approach at VRMM (36). I engaged the APPR, the aircraft intercepted the ILS and everything seemed normal, but the aircraft kept turning to the right, forcing me to take over the controls and make a manual landing. If I wouldn’t had intervened, the aircraft would have made a 360 basically.

Did you intercept properly? Can you reproduce it again? Can you send a video?
What aircraft? Weather conditions?

I was bang on the glide slope when this happened. The aircraft just steered a bit to the right to completely intercept it, then it made a violent turn to the right and kept turning.

  • enroute from WSSS to VRMM
  • Emirates B77W
  • IPad Air 2
  • latest IOS version
  • latest IF version
  • 8 KM visibility - barely any wind -
  • Flaps 30 - 150 knts~

This please. Were your flaps deployed? What speed?

I just tried it again, and it seems alright now. It might have been a one-off issue.

If you encounter this again be sure to follow @dush19 ‘s recommendations. A video and a synopsis of what occurred would help us determine if there is an actual issue. Cheers