VRMM notam

Velana International Airport, Malé, Maldives(VRMM, MLE) 🇲🇻

Since this airport is featured in the schedule today, many would be tempted to fly there. Having landed nearly an hour before writing this post, I’ve observed that this airport in its current state can only handle a maximum of 2 wide bodies, in addition to lacking a parallel taxiway hence necessitating a backtrack when landing on RWY 36. Pilots and ATC, please keep this in mind especially since the airline featured in today’s schedule, Qatar Airways, flies 777s and A350s(pre-pandemic) on this route. Either way, hope you all enjoy today’s schedule and as always, have a good day.

More or less, points to note:

  • Limited wide body Stands. Only 2 in number
  • Absent parallel taxiway, traffic will require backtaxing.
  • GREAT scenery.

Hello! The additional taxiway will be added when there is sufficient satellite imagery of it.


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