VRMM A380 Stands

With the upcoming release of the A380, I wanted to check whether aircraft gates on the east apron at VRMM can be updated.

The specific stands which I am mentioning are found in the newly built east apron. There are 3 stands which can accommodate the A380 in the east apron and they are Stands F2, F3 & F4. However, these particular stands are labeled as East Apron Stand 2, 3 & 4 respectively in IF.

A380 commercials operations are yet to start in real life since the new terminal is not in operation yet however, the first A380 flight to the airport was operated by Etihad in 2018 and utilized the new runway & the east apron.

Hence, with the upcoming A380 update, it would be perfect to update the above mentioned stands so that we can spawn in the mighty A380 there. Major Tom, this topic is for you 😎

Picture below shows the inaugural A380 flight into Maldives by a chartered Etihad Airways A380 sporting the Year of Zayed 2018 livery.

Credits: avas.mv

Ps. I can’t wait for the A380 update and see what the devs have cooked for us 🤩


They’ll be updated eventually, but probably not before the update happens.

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Correct but the airport is now updated and the east apron is also reworked into the game, it’s just that the gates which are supposed to accommodate the A380 does not accommodate them in game. Which, if I am not wrong, does not take too much time to implement since the airport is fully updated in game (minus 3D objects)

I’ll forward to the editor about these.


Appreciate it! :D

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Forwarded to the editor. I think you can expect in a future update but not 24.2.

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Is there any source of this information?

The official AIP information has still no Class F stands mentioned:

Without a official information source there is no change.

Looking deeper into this the A380 at VRMM was a one time charter flight.

A scheduled service is not planned.
Editing targets to be as close to official documents, therefore I will keep the stands as they are for now.
Beside that there is nothing that hinders you to replicate the charter flight that was once done, you just have to keep your flight session open to start and fly back later on.