vRIAT 2024 - Back for the 3rd year running!

Signed up @YT_Sniegutizzz and @nabilk11


yes in the 1340Z slot (closest slot to your chosen demo time)

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Ok, perfect. Thank you!

Hi, can i bring a US Navy F-18 demo for 1040Z on both Saturday and Sunday? Friday is a possibility for the same time. My average display length is 15 minutes.

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Added :D

The latest flying schedule!

EAF Team Mace (F-16AM) pairs tactical demo at 1300z both days

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Added in

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Sir you didn’t add mine to it

now added :D

Thanks sire

Sir I would like to add some escort for the vRIAT 2024. It’ll be following British airways with an A380, A350, 777, A321 and A320 for the show

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Is this with BAVA?

British airways Virtual airline

BAVA is it

yes BAVA means british airways virtual airline

1x KDC-10F only for static / flying. Intend for it to go up at West Dispersal Pad 60, when not flying @M1llard


Mace pair will now be piloted by @colezzzz & @DuncanNL

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Apologies, I am not able to attend as I am working night shift that week

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