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Greetings! Thanks for reading this post. Recently, I have found some interest in VR flight simulators. You are probably thinking that you would have to have a PC to run it, but there is more hope.

How is it possible?
A VR headset, called the Oculus Quest, is a standalone VR headset that has strong mobile hardware, and runs a version of android, thus proving the idea possible. In fact, anyone with the APK of IF can load IF onto their VR headset and play a non-vr version on it.

I believe that a great amount of people will benefit from having such a sophisticated flight simulator on a VR headset like this. I know a large community of VR flight simmers that are hoping for a a FS on the Oculus Quest. Currently, there is no other serious FS on the Oculus Quest Store. The only other “viable” option is a game called “ultra wings” which is a glider simulator where you fly around a small island.

How will the cockpit work?
I am aware that not every button can be pressed in IF, rendering the cockpit more of a showcase more than a feature. My solution to this would be to have the cockpit in all its glory still their, but a GUI will be in the cockpit (perhaps an iPad on the side)
where you can control things like flaps, APU, spoiler, e.g, but the yoke/side stick and throttle can be touched and used normally.

Now yes, I do understand that this would be a big task, but it would have huge benefits to that status of infinite flight. I would go as far as to say that there would be a exceptional increase of players, income, and even popularity. There is a large amount of VR game reviewers that review every game new to the VR platform, so the Oculus Quest player base would instantly know of the game. Infinite Flight would retain being known for portability as the Oculus Quest is a portable device, known for being able to be taken places. IF would also then be known for the only Mobile flight simulator available for VR, making the play base spike in popularity.

I do believe that Infinite Flight has a bright future in the VR world and a hope to see it become a feature of Infinite Flight in the future!


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