VR compatibility?

Is their a way I can use my Samsung gear VR with this sim? I have a Bluetooth controller plus the VR setup. Just need a way to make it work with this sim.

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I was thinking the same thing at one point but unfortunately, you would not be able to control your aircraft properly without the ability to touch the screen for navigation, VS, and ATC.

You may be able to remotely view and even control your device through a third party app but it would almost certainly have a small delay to process your touch which is a lot of time in this sim!

There is IF assistant with the Apple version supporting voice command but I have heard some flaws with the recognition software and I am not aware that they support all aspects of the flight.

Infinite Flight is advancing fast however and this certainly may be added down the road once some other things have been worked out that FDS have prioritized :).

Good luck!

I can easily control the aircraft with my Bluetooth controller. If I could use the VR with the cockpit view that would be great!

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You can control the aircraft but you cannot switch camera views with your Bluetooth remote?

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