Voyager456’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]

The last one is not editable.

So this is the new one

Open at KATL

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Spawning in for some pattern work - Delta 949.

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I do not see you in KATL

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Who wet you in those airplanes

I just spawned at KATL to fly for you, but there was not ATC.
Please make sure you’re status is up-to-date to avoid wasting people’s time trying to help you. I have adjusted it for you. Please keep it updated.

You don’t edit your top post, because it should be generic. So there wasn’t really a reason to start a new thread as long as you could reply to your original post.
Below are guidelines for a good ATC tracking thread.

Have fun.


Shoot, I forgot to change it, sorry.

Don’t worry I won’t always do this

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Also I can’t change the atc title to say open so ya…

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