Voyager456’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

This thread is for my ATC services I provide in the future.

More details later. Feel free to request airports.

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Starting my atc services at RDU

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Gonna come by
Any aircraft preferences

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Nope thanks

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I can’t make it there today. I’ll try to make your next session.

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Thanks I will

Coming now N186BC

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You have to let us do patternwork so we can test you.

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Good flight skills guys. I ended my services. Thanks for coming

You only gave me clearance to takeoff. No other atc instructions.

Watch the ATC tutorials on YouTube.


Okay will try to improve my skills. Sorry about your inconvenience

Hi I was N186BC.

  1. Ground commands were good.

  2. Takeoff you have to let us remain in the pattern that is how we test you.

  3. Sequenceing you have to sequence watch the video below.

  4. You also have to clear us to land or else we have to go around which we did everytime.

  5. Please just don’t say roger to everything we say you have to clear us.

Keep practicing and you will get better i recommend starting at a smaller airport first.
Watch this video lots of times I have myself.

Also this one.

And finally this one.

Keep going and you will get better hope to see you on expert server one day!


Hopefully i will. As you see I’m not very experienced


Hey buddy there is some stuff to work on…

  • ground control was good

  • You cleared me for takeoff correctly

  • Never received a sequence or clearance, every plane needs atleast a clearance to land


  • For remaining in the pattern- after takeoff, give a sequence (if needed), Then give a clearance for the option EVERY TIME
  • if someone Is coming from outside your airspace to land- give a pattern entry, sequence if needed, then give a clearance to land
  • if remaining in the pattern and they request a RWY change OR comming from outside your airspace for a touch and go- ALWAYS give a pattern entry for the new RWY, give a sequence IF NEEDED, then ALWAYS give a clearance for option making left or right traffic

Keep practicing, I recommend watching the ATC vids for IF on YouTube, read the ATC manual made by Tyler. I also think its a good idea to go to other members ATC Tracking threads to see how they do everything… keep at it, you’ll get there

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Open at RJFU!

closed sorrry

Open at RJFU again

Closed at rjfu

Open at CYUL

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Ok a couple things

  1. When giving a clearance you don’t need to say what traffic (left or right) the aircraft should make unless it changes
  2. When requesting a RWY change you must give a new pattern entry to the new RWY rather than just give a clearance
  3. It’s not the best idea to have intersecting traffic so for 06L have those airplanes make left traffic and 06R have those planes make right traffic rather than 06L right traffic and 06R left traffic
  4. You did not give Exit instructions and when it is only me flying patterns and one on the ground they should be given

Overall good job still some room for improvement