Voyage of the Kilt

Here I will be posting my Global Travels on the Casual Server. I am visiting airports which have been completed.


Go kilt go !!!


I like the routes, are you switching planes at every airport?


No just the IF Cessna Citation. I am checking out airports as I go


Visit KOWD, would ya? Perfect size for the Citation :D

Heading out east to Russia. Will check on return to USA. I am reviewing as I go ๐Ÿ˜€


Sounds good, itโ€™s a popular alternate to KBOS, mainly used by people to avoid paparazzi IRL.

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Whatโ€™s the difference between this and the tracking thread other than it being about a specific tester? - Will each tester get their own tracking thread? - Surely this could be covered on the tracking thread?

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Can you check out KBZN? Itโ€™s near Yellowstone.

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Yeah, I feel it is unnecessary for every global alpha tester to have their own thread. @LouDon16 created a thread that is for that exact purpose, and it means people have a centralised mechanism of tracking alpha testers.

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Kilt is a special case, as with this work for airport editing he is going around and checking airports. This is just for him to keep track of this, and why not share with others?


The Airport Surveyor is going to fly, he usually fly on Casual Server.

Kilt is the God of editing and deserves his own category.


Don I apologize if I did not include my URL on your entry. This thread is about my validation of existing airports in Global. This is not about the actual flight in between airports, rather it is me checking out all of the A380 and 10k released airports. If you check my Google Earth plot you will see I am meticulously visiting each and every one, checking for opportunities for improvement.

Hope this helps. ๐Ÿ˜€


Reached the Azores. LPAZ. So far the quality of the airports look good. EGPH was reworked.

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Better get yourself to Humberside Airport!! - I will actually cry in excitement if it is reworked come release! :)

Next leg of journey will be visiting all edited airports in Africa


Do you require route suggestions from Africa?

Appreciate it, I did LPAZ, along with most of the other airports on the azores.

Nice trip plan you have there. Great to see some of mine in it!

Finally made it to South Africa. Heading North towards Saudi then Spain!