Vought V-173

You know the drill, I want at least one-hundred of these flying pancakes over around KNUC at a time just over taking the other aircraft.

But the real reason I want this is because the Vought V-173, commonly known as the “Flying Pancake,” possesses a design that sets it apart from conventional aircraft. Its disc-shaped fuselage and large wing area defy traditional aviation aesthetics, making it an intriguing addition to the diverse fleet in Infinite Flight. Players could benefit from the unique flight characteristics and handling challenges presented by this experimental aircraft, providing a fresh and engaging experience compared to more conventional options.

Moreover, the V-173 holds historical significance as an experimental prototype developed during a pivotal era in aviation. Its unconventional design aimed to explore innovative aerodynamic concepts and improve low-speed flight performance. By including the V-173 in Infinite Flight, users have the opportunity to virtually step back in time and appreciate the pioneering efforts that contributed to the evolution of aviation technology.

The Flying Pancake’s distinct appearance and historical context make it an educational asset within the simulator. Infinite Flight, known for its commitment to realism, could enhance its educational aspect by featuring aircraft like the V-173. This addition would allow users to learn about the experimental nature of early aviation, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by engineers and pilots during this period of aeronautical exploration.

image credit to Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation Retirees Finish Vought V-173 "Flying Pancake" Following 8-Year Restoration Effort | National Air and Space Museum

this one sentence just fully ruined the chances if this is the reason for adding it 🤣


This would be amazing to have in IF


Yes, just I want these things FLOODIING all servers, including expert.

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