A fast question :

for what aircraft you voted and why ?

for me i voted for A350 because it’s the newest plane .

I voted for the MD-11 for one simple reason: it’s different.


I woted MD11/DC10 because i wanted a trijet in the sim. The a350 is just like the 787 so it would just be another normal plane.


I voted MD-11, but I’m hoping for A350 as well afterwards.

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I initially voted for MD-11/DC-10, however I changed my vote to the A330/A340 rework because I saw the MD-11 was already winning by a lot and I want the A330/A340 fans to be heard.

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The vote was to see what plane we want first. The a350 will come after the md11/dc10.

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Hi, this post is only for people who wants to share like who shared ! and i’m pretty sure that all the replies aren’t about this subject thanks .

I wanted to vote for GA because in this sim GA is just pushed to the side like it dosnt exist

I voted for an A330/40 rework the physics are horrible

MD-11/DC-10 because it looks cool and I wanted to fly the classic aircrafts.

MD-11 It’s different. getting a a350 is just like getting a remodeled 787, MD-11 is uniquely different with its three engine design

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Just comment why on the post in #announcements