VOTING TIME! (Poll is open) Infinite Flight Drawing Competition [Partnered with Kirito_77]

I think it’ll be interesting to see what we get out of this competition… The body and wings themselves are quite simple, but the details on the engine and landing gear ought to provide a nice challenge.

I won’t be competing but I’ll definitely draw my own interpretation 🙂


Ill do it!

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Thanks for participating!

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Put me down! I’ll join


Nice! Thanks for joining :)

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We need an Infinite Flight Plane Spotting competition next.


@Moritz would just go live at Munich for a week and win. No offence

Well how many photos has he gotten approved for JetPhotos?

PM me to continue

397 til today with more in the queue 🥳 I would be totally down for a spotting competition since I already have a plan what to do next, just waiting for cold winter nights haha

Lol. Good luck!

Anyone else wants to participate? Drawing starts tomorrow!

Drawing starts tomorrow! Sign up while you can!

Add me to the list, I love aviation artwork.

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Wilco! Thanks for joining!

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Good luck to those of you who have the talent to draw. That is one of the great skills that I lack.

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Just finished an example piece for the competition! Not participating, just an example.

Just so you know, this took 5 hours.


Oh I got a fellow Texan competing against me…


@anon24319801 imma start today is that ok as I hopefully don’t have to do anything with school so I should be in the clear


Start Drawing guys!

@roostbrood, @Aviation-21, @Infinite_Qantas, @Aviation360, @Kamryn, @Gm2kmike20, @Captain_Merka, @Robby, @ZB1423, @AarkonTV, @DeltaMD88Fan


sign me up!!