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Could someone please explain how the Infinite Flight community voting system works. Before I go around voting for all the features I would like to see in the flight sim, I want to know how many votes I have, how to track them, and the limitations that come with it.


People set up topics that they would like to be added to IF and people can vote for it.


As a basic user, you have I believe 5 votes. This is increased as you gain trust levels (TL2=10 votes and TL3=15 votes). You can manage your votes at Your profile–>Activity–>Votes


TL3 has 15 votes. :)


You have five votes, however you can only vote for a #features request with one vote. No pooling votes (if that makes sense).

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The voting system works like this as a basic user u have 5 votes, member 15 votes regular not sure! But other IFC community members make stuff in the #features category and vote for what stuff to have in infinite flight!

Cheers, RyMan

10* votes

15 as @CaptainSooraj corrected me (I thought it was 20)

Gotcha thx for correcting me!

btw some TL3 move this to #meta

Also when you’ve given your votes you can go to your profile and look at an overview of your votes under the category activity.
Found that quite helpful when you already gave all the votes and don’t remember what you voted for and maybe want to vote for something else :D

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Mind you it doesn’t really work, as seen with this feature request which has more than 150 votes, and has been up for nearly 4 years. 🙁

But hey what’s to say you can’t have a crack at trying 🤷‍♂️

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Just because it has 160 votes doesn’t mean it’s going to be added. In that topic, you’ll see that staff have offered explanations as to why that particular livery hasn’t been added. Voting is purely showing support for a feature request, not deciding what is implemented into the simulator - the #features category is only one of a variety of factors that influence staff decisions as to what is added and what is not.

I know I know, how it all works I’ve seen it for years. Just mucking around. Only stating how I feel and it’s how many many other users feel too. Not having a go at them mate 🙌 👍

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