Voting System for 3D Airports

As you all know at the end of last year, the staff at IF made a poll/vote to determine the newest aircraft that would be added into the sim, which happened to be the A330 rework. With the recent implementations of 3D aircraft in the newest update, I think it would be beneficial to do something similar for which airports are to be reworked next. Such a poll would offer insight into how the community is feeling, and it would offer efficient and effective contribution from the community itself.


I dont think this would happen and this is more suited for #meta

I don’t think this is something the community should really vote on… I’m grateful the dev team gave us a choice when it came to aircraft but I don’t want to push it too far.


I agree with @nativetoalaska . As Drummer said in this post, buildings are always in the works and a voting system could lead to arguments and voting bias.


I believe I read somewhere that they might also switch to AI generation, so if they do, there wouldn’t be a need for it since it would be done by AI and more airports can be generated and fine tuned by staff faster

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If this happens the only airports being added would be massive cities.

I wanna see Telluride, North Las Vegas, McCarran, SNA, etc. sometime soon 💡


Maybe it would then shift to what microsoft/asobo did for some airports, handcrafting some of them.


Me wanting SBSP eben tho we have SBGR

Happy @Jacob_Layton noises

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I don’t know where you read this, but I don’t even think it has been covered

As long as they are realistic buildings lol

Sounds like a great idea, but it could just lead to major airports (often in the West - i.e. US, Europe, Canada etc.) getting more attention and votes than lesser known airports in regions that won’t be well represented.

What if there was a system that had the community voting on x amount of major international airports and x amount of regional/smaller airports for each update?

Theoretically, that would be very difficult to handle. If there was a voting system, the options would most likely be major cities. Even then, if there were small cities, there would be a chance of little to no representation for it.

Never fear though as they stated that their goal is to have every airport 3D