Voting question

how do I order the feature votes from the most to the least votes

You mean by clicking “Votes”?


On mobile:


You’ve done it again @schyllberg, I didn’t even know that existed 😂


on the pc I mean and I clicked on “top” but yet they still show out of order

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Click on “Votes”.

Can’t see all the trees because of the forest? :)


but I thought there was a way to view all the votes from the most to the least

There is – Seb explained it really well (and with pictures too).

Does that not somehow work for you?

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nope it does not work for me

Does this link work?

that link does work for me

And it showed the most voted for features in order?

yes it did but when I went to open another browser and try it myself it did not work. What did you do?

All I did was press on votes.

Now it is working for me. thank you :)

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