Voting problem

Hello to the staff of IFC. There is a problem with the voting system. The vote option doesn’t appear for me. Please fix this bug or if it’s me who is doing it wrong please help me .
Thank you

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This isn’t a problem.
As a new user, you don’t get any votes initially. Some minor activity is needed at first.
This is to prevent fake accounts to be created just to vote on features :)


Below you can see how many votes you are granted per Trust Level that you gain on IFC. Votes are reusable, meaning that if you vote a feature and later remove the vote, that vote can placed elsewhere. And as you gain Trust Level on the forum you get additional 5 voted per TL, as can be seen below in the list.

  • TL0 (New User) = 0 Votes
  • TL1 (Basic User) = 5 Votes
  • TL2 (Member) = 10 Votes
  • TL3 (Regular) = 15 Votes

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