Voting Limit too Low

Unfortunately, Infinite Flight is not able to control the voting limit. It is set by Discourse, the site this forum runs on.


I can’t vote on more than like 5 things

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Oh. How is that enforced?

You get more votes once you get higher TLs (trust levels).

Just keep on participating here and you’ll reach a higher Trust Level with more possible votes.


To add some more context onto @racerclc’s post:

Discourse is the website provider that Infinite Flight uses for their website.
So, Infinite Flight can change certain things, but not all. I believe the voting limit is under Infinite Flight’s control. So they can move it up and down if they so choose.

That’s a bit ridiculous but alright. Thanks.

Also, you can take back votes after something has been implemented in-game to use votes more. I suggest only voting for features you absolutely want in Infinite Flight.

Thank you for the explanation

Thanks for the information

You have vote limits based on your Trust Level.

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There’s nothing ridiculous about it. It’s a motivation for users to add great content to the community. 😊


It’s made so you only vote for the 5-10 things you really want, not every little thing you think looks neat…

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Alright. I apologize. Thank you.

I take back what I said. IF may be able to change the voting limit, but they purposely chose not to increase it.

See the second part of this quote:

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If you can vote for everything, it provides the same amount of information as if there were no voting at all.

If you aren’t limited, how can they possibly triage what requests are the actual community priorities? Everybody votes for everything, everything has the same number of votes, same as no voting.

It’d be like voting for political offices but you could vote for every candidate. What would be the point?



This is what I’ve voted for. For example, let’s say the 767 gets reworked. After that’s been confirmed or released, I would remove that vote. Now I have one more vote I can use.

If you want to remove a vote from something, simply just click on the topic, look to the top left, and click “Voted” again to remove it.


To let you know how many votes each Trust Level has to spend on total:

TL0 = 0 Votes
TL1 = 5 Votes
TL2 = 10 Votes
TL3 = 15 Votes

I who am TL3, haven’t even used up all my 15 votes. I still got a few to spare, since you may never know when something really good may pop up, that I think would suit IF, if it were to be added :)


Infinite Flight LLC will not have too much to think aboute to make and make, So think about what we really need in Infinite Flight.
Hope it helps to understand.

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