Voting for your own feature request

Is it just me, or does voting for your own topic in #features seem a little redundant and unnecessary? Of course I want the feature that I posted about, hence the entire reason for me posting about that specific feature. Voting for your own feature request is tantamount to liking your own post; which you cant do on discourse for rather obvious reasons. Why do we need to vote for our own feature requests?


You do have to understand that it is your feature request, and so it would make sense for you to vote for it in the sense that you are showing you want it in the game. If you didn’t it kind of seems like you just did it for doing it and don’t really want it. (It has happened before) You don’t have to, but we reccomend you to do this for just this reason.

But that’s the entire point of posting it in the first place. If I didnt want the feature, I wouldn’t post the feature.


But then again we have people who are mining for TL3, likes, and replies which is why I brought that up

I wouldn’t say its required but rather I would say its highly recommended. In my opinion, failing to do so gives me the impression that you are not passionate about that feature and that you’re only creating it because you wanted to create a topic.

It’s not really redundant as you’re saying simply because creating the topic does not count as a vote. The topic is only a title or the cover of a book. The votes are the pages between the covers. Sometimes you need to fill a book in for it to look and sound good. Just another perspective


Makes you wonder if the president (random country ;-) voted for himself…


The only reason why I do it is because it shows up in your votes section of your profile. Otherwise it’s pretty redundant, you created the request so I can’t imagine you wouldn’t like to see it implemented.


That was so ironic and well timed.


I agree with the points @DeerCrusher made.

Plus, votes are precious since you only get some many. If your willing to vote for your own feature, your really invested in the idea. I did. #checkoutmyfeatures. ; )


Bingo. It’d be fair to say that’s the keypoint


If it’s highly recommended that we vote for our own feature requests if we really want it (if doing so also increases chances of being added?), that would mean our feature requests will be numbered because each user is given a certain number of votes.

If I create more than 5 feature requests for example I would’ve used up all my votes for my 5 feature votes that I want and I’ll have no more votes left for reworks/liveries.

Right now there’re many rework/livery features that I think I’ve used up all my votes on and I can’t vote for my own feature request because of this but at the same time I like my own feature request and hope for it to be seen sometime in future. Can it be the best of both worlds?

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