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So, firstly my iPad is glitching badly when I am typing so that will explain any typos in here.

Hi community,
I just tried to vote on a feature but the button said “limit” and when I pressed it it popped up saying “403 error”

What happened here? I have tried over numerous weeks but the same thing happens. Is it saying you can only vote for a certain amount of features and then that’s it. Please tell me no because I voted for a load of things that, i mean, yeah would be nice but things i had never even heard of like different liveries of small airlines.


You are only able to vote for 5 feature requests since you are a Basic User. Therefore, you’ve already voted for 5 features and have reached your limit.

You’re limited to a certain amount of votes per trust level. I recommend voting only on very important things, rather than voting on a lot of things.

The amount of votes goes up like this:

TL0: 0
TL1: 5
TL2: 10
TL3: 15

Hope this helps.


To be clear, you can move your votes around.

After you get the 403 error, click again and itll allow you to move a vote if you decide your current choice is more deserving.

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Oh thanks!

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