Voting for ATC schedule

Hey I was wondering if there are any plans of involving the community with the weekly ATC schedules for expert server ?
I’d love to have some Voting polls for each day and maybe do a Voting thread For every week in advance. I know it can be a bit difficult because people tend to suggest their favorite Destination each and every time. But I think with the help of a Staff Member this could be controlled a bit so we don’t get repetitive Destination for each week


Actually, that sounds like a really good idea!

I would love it to be just like the FNF Poll where Suggestions are taken into account by the most voted airports to be featured, but with ATC services. I would recommend sending a message to @Tyler_Shelton to see what he thinks, im sure he would love to here this suggestion!


I suspect this is the reason why the atc schedule is not put to a community poll. If I remember correctly Tyler did do a community vote - and apart from 1 GA day we were at the big world hubs.

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Tyler does this once in a while where there’s an option for users to make a custom schedule and the best one in terms of votes wins. Obviously, the limitations are great as explained in the above post.

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I actually really like this idea! Tyler sometimes let’s us choose FNFs, but usually not.

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Hello! I had this idea myself a few months back, Tyler said that this might happen in the future and has happened one or two times in the past. Either way, it’s really exciting and it would be awesome to see it happen.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll continue to do it occasionally.


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