Voting - Am I missing something?



Am I missing something, What is the limit on votes. I must have cast 10/15 votes in the whole time they have been out, and I have most certainly not voted in days!!



The limit has reduced, most likely. You can keep the ones you have used, but if you remove one and try to use it again you have just lost a vote.


That’s happened to me as well, maybe the votes are always capped at a certain number and not refilled? Oh yeah, the votes used to be at 15 but then it got reduced to 10.


I mean, a limit of votes a day, makes sense, but a general limit. in a few weeks time, no one would be able to cast a vote ever! haha.


I hope Philippe increases the amount of votes for everyone.

Well, the point of the voting system is to ensure people prioritize their votes and only vote for #features that they want the most.

Since FDS cannot implement every single feature request, having this system allows users to really think hard about what they are voting for and what they want to see in the game, at this point in time.


You still have 15 votes and all are already used. However, You can remove one of your votes in a request which is less important to you 😉

I believe Regulars used to have 10 votes, then reduced to 8, before increased again to 15 😊. Although I think 15 is more than enough, I would like to see a little bit increase of votes due to the growing demand of requests in the future


Nope. Users only have a specific number of votes. In order to vote a new feature request, you would need to unvote existing votes.

Lovely. I can expect not to vote on any new ideas in the next twenty years at this rate


Makes very good sense I say. Learn to prioritise the features you really want. A weekly limit would be pointless as people would just throw votes wildly around


If we are restricted to a maximum number of votes, rather than limited to a weekly / daily amount (as often used on other forums), then we need to see on our profile pages which ones we HAVE voted for so that we can make priorities.

Though TBH whilst you should only be lallowed to vote once per topic it makes no sense to reduce total amount of votes over a period of time as new ideas do come on line and because we have a ridgid means of ensuring there is no repeat topics or feature requests mean that you are not casting votes willy nilly.

you can. under “votes” on your profile

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Thanks didn’t see that! :-)

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If you had unlimited votes then everything would get voted on which doesn’t make sense.


At least things would get prioritized rather than perhaps not enough people having votes available for something new, but I see where you’re coming from.

Not everything can be a priority.

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Take me as an example, I have voted only for planes I’ve been on and ones I need the most.

I think this is a way of limiting the excessive greed of humans.

Be like dush
(Hate incoming)

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Do NOT be like @dush19


We asked our departments at work to list their IT optimization priorities in groups, from 1 to 5. Groups 2-5 were never used.

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