Hello Community,

I went to vote for a feature request today, only to find that I was at my limit. Easy enough to fix right? Apparently not. After removing all my votes, bar 2, but I am still apparently at my limit. I cannot vote for the topics that I un-voted nor can I vote on the one I removed all those votes for. Any help would be much appreciated.


So you can’t vote for new topic?

This happens if you were a regular before. I’m not sure of how many votes each trust level gets but let’s just say if you’re a member, you get 5 votes and if you’re a regular, you get 8 votes.

If you were demoted from regular to member, you’re new vote limit is 5, however, the 8 feature requests you voted for are still voted and counted.

If you remove your votes from them after you become member, you can’t vote for them back as your new vote limit is 5 votes.

Yes that’s correct.

I have never been a regular


Can you vote on another device

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No I cannot.


Something is slightly broken with your vote count, as the system have registered 24 votes from you which is way over the amount you should have. All are duplicates.

I’m looking into it!


This should be corrected now @KaiM, please confirm :)

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Yes it is. Thank you as always.

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