It says I have 3 votes left,is this my all time or just for today?

All time ,this should be in meta


Votes have a certain limit to make them worth something. As your trust level becomes higher, you will gain more votes.

If you decide that you want to remove one of your current votes or see what you have already votes on, you can do this by going to your profile -> activity -> votes.

This is how many votes you have depending on your Trust Level 👇🏼

TL0: 0 Votes
TL1: 5 Votes
TL2: 10 Votes
TL3: 15 Votes

The higher your Trust Level is, the more votes you will get to use.

You are currently a Basic User (TL1) which means that you have a total of 5 Votes to use, of all time. It does not reset daily or anything. You can always remove a vote and place it elsewhere if you like.

I i.e. am TL3 and have 15 Votes in total :)

Keep liking, posting constructive and productive posts that are helpful and positive and be active if not daily try to log in a few times at week and you’ll be at a higher TL soon and have access to more votes.


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