I am trust level member and I can vote 4 times. But someone else who is trust level member can vote 10 times. How dos this work?


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See this:

But you are saying you only have 4 votes?


It sais limit

But I voted 4 times

Can you try signing out and then back in?

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Wil try it have a second.

I’m a member and I have voted 9 times recently and I have 1 left. I’m not sure what the problem is? Hope it gets resolved for you

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It still sais limit? What can I do more?🙂

I’m gonna try one thing, stand by.


Check again please. I just changed your trust level and then back again.

Nothing changed? Did this happen other times

Nah, not that i can remember.
Can you try another browser? Feels like a cache issue.


I tried.

•Google Chrome

Nothing changed

Okay, thanks.

@discourse - do you have any suggestions?
Trust level refreshed manually, sign out/in tried, same on other browsers.


Is @discourse even a thing anymore? His last post was 2 oct 2017.

Haha. It summons the host & developers of the forum platform we use :)


Maybe some more info if I click on limt it sais this!

And if I click again it gos to my votes

Seb, you say that TL2 is 10 votes… Its only allowing me 9.

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So Im not the only one! But I have 4 you have 9

No issues on my end, I have 15 votes avalible for TL3

I’ve just checked and it’s 15 for regular so maybe the settings have been altered without Seb realising? (I doubt it but may explain why it’s happening for all TL1 and TL2)