Votes question

I noticed another TL2 user has more votes than I do. How is that possible?

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They could be a former regular.


They could have been regular and then got demoted

And how come they were able to keep their votes?

for them to vote on a new topic they must remove all of the votes till they get to they get to the TL2 number.

Well they already used them, if they decide to ever remove a vote, they will lose it.

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Some of those “extra” votes may be for feature requests that have been closed, in which case the user got those votes back. Requests are closed for various reasons (e.g. feature added, duplicate request, etc).

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I noticed that you don’t get your vote back when they close a feature request. I still have to manually go in the topic and remove the vote myself.

Votes are returned from closed topics; you can remove your vote but I don’t believe close requests actually count against your allowed votes.

Just to add my 2 cents here;

I was taking a look through my votes yesterday and had to go in and manually remove my votes from closed topics.

Same for me @Jai0114. @lucaviness can you explain where you’re coming from?

I’m pretty sure that it should be that votes are automatically returned to you once a topic is closed; that’s where Luca is coming from.

As for why they weren’t returned? I couldn’t tell you.

From what I was told the other day the votes you see that are for closed topics are not counted they just appear as things you voted for

👇better explanation

Currently, if you take a look at my votes, you’ll see 21 votes listed. I’m a TL3 member, meaning I should only be allowed 20 votes. The reason you see 21 votes is that one of those requests has been closed.

When a feature request is closed, it does not count against your total votes. Removing the vote does nothing except remove your profile picture from the list of users who voted for said request.


I’m a TL2 with 13 votes used after I was demoted… over a year ago lol

It seems like the question is answered, if you feel like you don’t have enough votes just check to see if you have any votes for topics you feel are not as much of a priority or such and use your votes elsewhere. Also, some regulars choose to not display “regular” if you click on their profile you can see if they earned that badge or not. Just be active and wise with your votes, and you will get to regular ( more votes and more) in no time, as well as use your votes for more features you want!!! :)

Don’t be too focused on what others have, they were once at TL2 as well, just focus on how you can get to TL3 to gain more privileges and better yet assist the community even more than the great work you have done!!! :)

Feel free to tag me @Jster82x or PM me if you have any questions!

-Justin Duval

Why so? I don’t understand why some users don’t want others to know they’re regulars

Please see above.

On another note, some users do not feel the need to flex or flaunt their status. Who cares if someone has a few extra buttons at their disposal to help the community? No one is trying to one up you, we’re all here because we’re passionate about aviation and Infinite Flight. :)