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Hello there. I wanted to vote for the 737 MAX Family, however the system told me that I reached the limit and that I should remove a vote. I did so ~5 of my votes and still, I cannot vote.

Is there a cooldown time or what? Would be grateful for answers or help in general.

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There isn’t a cooldown, it’s permanent.

You can either:

  1. Go to your profile, then activity, then votes. Here you can delete votes as to clear up space for new ones.

  2. Wait until you become TL2 (Member), in which case you get 5 additional votes. (10 total). You are a TL1 (Basic) right now, so as long as you are contributing to the community you will get to TL2 in no time.

no as soon as you remove one vote you can use it somewhere else. are you going to the feature that you have voted for and clicking “voted” and “remove vote” because it shows that you still have used all 5 of your votes

You’ve voted for 5. That’s the limit for your trust level :)



There is no cooldown. There is a specific limit on how many posts you can vote on. You will gain a few extra votes as you gain trust levels.
Hope this helps :)

You’ll have to delete some votes. I suggest deleted old votes for things that InfiniteFlight has already done, or votes that don’t have many votes (features that won’t happen etc).

Okay… But out of curiosity how did I then have nearly 10 votes or so already cast

Most likely due to your account age. The limits have over the years changed :)

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Alrighty then. Then this concludes it, thanks!

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