Votes limit

There is a votes limit following the trust level. Is this stay the same for every trust level? Can TL2 have more votes, but do not go to TL3? If I am a high TL2 can I have more votes limit? Can the votes limit change but do not change the trust level?

Votes only change as your trust level changes, but if you look at all of votes you have used, I almost guarantee at least one or two you won’t think is useful anymore


Do you only get 5 votes or do you get 20 votes

TL1 is 5, TL2 is 10, TL3 is 20.

Let’s answer each question:


TL2 have more votes, and if they are a leader and exceptional in the community they can got to TL3.


No. If you intend for a change, please suggest it in the Features category,

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Why tho? They are paying the same amount of money as all the other players… why would they have the right to have more influence on future updates??

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They’ve proven to be responsible with decisions, they are incredibly helpful and wise through the IFC, staff trust them with more votes.

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It is simple supply vs demand. If everyone had 500 votes, they would vote for everything and water down the value of votes. By only have a select number of votes it makes the user decide where to vote.

The reason for different TL vote levels is to prevent someone who is new on day one from voting on everything they see. Higher TL responsibility, the more votes you get.

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