Votes Limit

Why do you have a limit of 3 votes, and when does it reset? I’ve had the vote limit for a couple of days now, and I’m not sure why it hasn’t reset.


To increase vote limit, you may have to increase your TL.


Ah. Ok, thanks. I wasn’t really sure on how it worked.

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Votes have a limit to make them worth something. This means that when you see a topic with a lot of votes it means the user had to think about if it was worth using a vote for. Otherwise people will vote for everything they see and skew the numbers.

The same is true with likes.


Obviously the mods- and other people- only want you to vote on topics that you really care about.

Ex: I had used up all my votes on stuff that I didn’t really need all that much, but when I saw the Bombardier C Series, I wanted that more, so I removed a vote from something I didn’t really need and put it on the C Series.

Having a limited amount of vote forces people to only vote on what they REALLY CARE ABOUT, instead of just voting on random stuff they think is cool. This gives the Devs accurate info on what the community wants. You can always remove the vote you don’t care about, increase your TL or just wait it out to see if you’ll ever get more, I’m not really sure what the wait time is to get more.

Likes are the same concept, people use likes to determine who answered a question best or who had the funniest topic, and if there are people that just hit like on everything, like Instagram or Facebook, then nobody would ever have a real idea of who answered the question the best. One thing I have been noticing is that people will like a post just because it was written by someone famous or someone they know. I disagree with this, and think likes should be used respectively.

In Synopsis: The limits are there to get accurate data.

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