Votes Aren't Automatically Removed?

So I ran into this quote here however I don’t think that it is working.

This feature request here is closed, however it still has 2 votes:

So then I thought that this might be a fluke, but then I ran into this closed topic with 27 votes:

And just to put the icing on the cake here is another closed request with some votes:

Is this supposed to work? Why isn’t it working? Am I missing something?

Thank you for reading and I am just curious why something that is supposed to work doesn’t seem working. -Kevin


It isn’t supposed to remove the votes if I am correct.

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Just because the topic are closed, it doesn’t remove the display of the votes for that topic. However, the votes are returned to whoever voted.


This is quoted from Philippe, so I think it should, right?

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It does say that they are returned according to the official Discourse Meta topic:

Edit: Basically what Seb said.


So it looks like the votes are still there, but they really aren’t?

Oh ok that makes a lot more sense now. Thank both of you for your responses :) I just thought it was broken.


Yes & no. It shows how many did voted for it.
The votes are however returned to the user once the topic is closed.

(I just tested it on a super old, really bad request and can confirm it works as intented)


Ok, thanks for answering my question, you can close this topic now.