VOTE: Which Southwest Airlines Livery do you like the most?

I like them all, but I think the Heart livery is a great refresh. Very sleek and modern, but keeps the essence of southwest!

As for the specials, Colorado one all the way! I am biased since I’m a Coloradan however!


Favorite Special livery

Love the Heart and Desert Gold.


Lonestar with the new tail also rocks

P.S. These are my pictures


Saw the Illinois livery today at KMDW but was unable to photograph

Amazing shots!! I’d love to be a ramp agent for WN one day.

2014 is the best, no hesitation

Not sure if you meant to say that it’s “the best now” or a typo

Well, this is late. Lol.

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Typo, sorry I will change that 😊

Please provide the photo credit.

The original poster has already provided links to the sources. Please read a bit closer next time before commenting. :)

I definitely love the brand new Southwest Heart Livery. It’s very attractive and has very vibrant colors.


I don’t like any of them the most. I dislike them all equally.

Just an FYI Southwest just passed the 50% mark for the new livery. I flew on all three of these liveries before too :)

My personal favorite


Slightly biased since I am from MD :)


California One is my favourite.

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