Vote: Where should I host a fly out?

Hi everyone!

I’m thinking about hosting my first fly out soon (although I am also working on one with some friends, y’all know who you are 😉). I’ve narrowed the location down to a list of 4 places I’d be interested in doing it in. Here they are:

KATL (Atlanta) - y’all know the drill: worlds busiest airport and delta superhub. Makes a great location for events

LEBL (Barcelona) - one of my personal favorite airports, plenty of routes to the americas and Asia, and of course all over Europe

LOWW (Vienna) - an airport I think has one of my favorite runway alignments, and nice scenery just to the west in the alps

KMEM (Memphis) - fedex superhub, a cargo based event would be so much fun!

Which would you most like to see?

  • KATL (Atlanta)
  • LEBL (Barcelona)
  • LOWW (Vienna)
  • KMEM (Memphis)

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Thanks for voting and share with me any feedback/advice/questions!

LOWW is rather unused… let’s go Vienna!!!


Vienna gets basically no attention, and it’s an awesome airport.

I’ve been there before, it’s quite a nice place.

Emirates serves a 77W there.


I mean atlanta is the biggest airport…
Could I be ground and tower if you do it on training server?

I will probably do it on expert

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