[Vote Reset] Very Quick Poll: Next Event?

Hey everyone, I’ll be quick and get to the point.
My Madrid flyout has concluded, thus me needing to create a new flyout. But where to host it is the issue.
I’ve selected a couple of candidate cities for you to decide on:

  • Luxembourg
  • Athens
  • Moscow
  • Zagreb
  • Tel Aviv
  • Cairo
  • Mumbai
  • Bangkok
  • Tokyo
  • Bogota

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Get off my lawn unless you have another city apart from the list.


Zagreb!! Give the balkans some love 😘😂


Knowing you, what did I expect honestly? XD

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Literally been working on this the second after I published my Dublin flyout… 😰🤔

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Oh, Okay.

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Lol 😂

I’ve got all my events in that PM, across the world. It’s difficult to get an event going. I’ll probably publish it for sometime halfway through March, and maybe some other events before.

Gonna bump this despite a half an hour silence since there’s a tie.

Vote’s been reset since Seoul isn’t an option no more

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