Vote removal

Hey, I want to remove a vote from an IFC topic how do I do that?

Thank you!


You can click on the vote again. It will be removed :)

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I did that and it hasn’t removed my vote.

Did you try to reload the page?

Yes I have and still its not letting me remove it.

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Does something pop up when your trying to remove it?

Nothing pops up when I remove it.

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Are you clicking on the number of votes. Usually that will remove the vote.

It only shows me who voted .

Click the where it says “vote”

Yes I have.

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Did it says remove vote when you clicked on it?

Tried removing a vote (just for testing) and didn’t work either…

This is actually an issue. No remove vote button is displayed.


Oh. I see!

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Well, that’s dumb.

We’ll have a look at it :)


I also can’t vote or remove my votes

@schyllberg I guess this is a real issue ! I am also not able to remove votes now.

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It’s fixed on their end. Just waiting for Discourse to deploy. I’ll bump them :)

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Sure ! Thanks :)