"Vote" plugin - an idea

I have an idea concerning the new vote plugin. I have reached my limit, and it really doesn’t seem like I used more than 5 votes. My idea is that you should be able to like the post if you have already used up all of your votes, it would remove the “I don’t have any votes left, so I’m going to comment instead”.

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  • Who do you think you are? This is a horrible idea!

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Sorry that third answer was too beautiful to resist. Don’t actually mean it. 😁


That just ruins the whole idea of implementing the votes! We can’t have two liking/voting systems running at once. Philippe said he might increase the amount of votes per user in the future. I think the maximum amount at the moment is very small, too.


I think you should only have 1 vote per week. Only vote for what you really want. Don’t just vote for everything that pops up.


I’m with AR. Less votes = more meaningful votes = a better gauge on what the community wants.


I wouldnt go that far… I don’t visit the features category all that much and typically find 2 or 3 per visit that I would really like to see implemented. Maybe 2 or 3 votes per day would be low enough for meaningful votes but high enough for those of us that find a few things in one visit


But my question is, who actually views the features category?

Would like this post but used up all of my likes on my current journey to become a regular

Yeah, a voting limit for a certain amount of days would be the best answer.

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I don’t support this idea for reasons said above (specifically from AR).

I’m in with AR. If I have fewer votes, I will be more selective about what I ‘vote’ for. Gives a much better representation of community desires.

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