[VOTE NOW!] Photo Recreation Screenshot Competition

Photo Recreation Screenshot Competition

Welcome to the Photo Recreation Screenshot Competition! In this competition, participants will try their best to recreate a real world photo assigned to them in Infinite Flight.


  • This competition will run in a triple loss elimination format, similar to @AndrewWu’s spotting competitions, but you can lose twice before being eliminated instead of just once.

  • Each matchup will consist of two or three participants trying to recreate one photo. The best recreation, to be decided by the community, wins!

  • Submissions must follow Screenshots and Videos guidelines:

  • Matchups will be selected with a spin wheel app.

  • If a participant fails to submit a photo, it will count as a loss.

  • If a match of 3 is necessary, only the 1st place will have a win.

  • If a poll ties, neither participant will have a loss.

  • If a participant does not have a Pro subscription, please tell me in advance so I assign them a photo recreatable with what’s available for free in IF.

  • Participants will be PMmed individually their assigned photos for that round. A group PM will also be created for competition-related announcements and/or inquiries.

  • Signups will close on 2024-05-05T13:00:00Z




Sign me up!

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Think you meant 3x but yeah

Actually confusing wording overall LOL


The third loss is the elimination…

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Yeah that’s my bad. I’m tired ha

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Yes please

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count me in

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Sign me up please!

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Sign me up please!!

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Yes yes yes. Sign me up!

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Oh my goodness yes
Id love to join

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Wait do we get to choose the IRL photo we want to recreate?

I think he gives us a photo

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Proceeds to only do Canyon Blue pics

Sign me up (even though pro will end for me in 4 days 🥲)


This is interesting!


Just a quick reminder that the 737-700 exists.

Indeed… but not the A220

I’d think twice before giving a duo an A220 photo…


sign me up

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Can’t join this time, but I’m excited to see how the photos turn up!