VOTE : New Autopilot Buttons Location

Which area do you prefer the autopilot button shouldve been placed ?

A. Right Side Of The Screen

B. Next To The Engine Throttle

Please answer it honestly to make a fair vote :)

  • Right
  • Left

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this should be under #features.

Im sorry, it wont happen again :)

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  • This should be in #features as @KindaAngrySliceOfPie said, it shouldn’t be a vote. Just suggest a new location for it.
  • Don’t tag the developers unnecessarily.
  • You’re implying through the title that this will be an official vote. It isn’t and will likely have no bearing at all.

In future, please don’t make topics like this as they are misleading and unnecessary, and you should know as a TL2 that’s been around here for a while. Thanks.


Why not put an option to choose between the two?

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i wonder @Anderson_St are you left handed i voted left im left handed just wondering?