Vote for your desired features (reloaded).

  • Tilting landing gear.
  • Landing smoke.
  • 3D buildings.
  • More aircrafts.
  • More liveries.
  • Revamped existing aircrafts.
  • Taxiway lights and indications.
  • Shared cockpit.
  • Inter regional flight.
  • Global Flight.
  • ATC for Solo mode.
  • More in-game tutorials.
  • Wing flex.
  • Aiport vehicles.
  • Free hour for Live and aircraft trial (respectively). The hour won´t reset after being used.
  • Working cockpit instruments and it´s illumination in Morning/Afternoon/Night settings.
  • Dynamic climate.
  • Engine start.
  • Pre-flight/in-flight/pre-landing checklist.
  • In flight emergencies.

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The first poll about this was done in a hurry, so I made it again, this time without spelling errors.
This poll will be of one option only, so as to have each feature the vote of only one person.
The poll will be closed on Monday 11, at 1:00AM Zulu time, 22:00PM Argentina.

Could you make it multiple selection please (so we can select more than one thing)


The poll is for one option only. Did that on purpose.

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Ok but there are lots of options and you forgot pre-taxi and pre-takeoff checklists.

You will need to think very well then! Choose the one you like most ;)


Very surprised about gear tilt I hope that it is being added in 2016!

It was requested a lot, I think it has a thread with more than 300 comments!

Do you want a tablet with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of space to be released so as to play lots of games with every graphical option High?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • I want cake.

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This poll will also close on Monday 11, at 1:00AM Zulu time, 22:00PM Argentina.

Engine on/off for the win (hopefully this covers more options, like de icing…I know this wouldn’t serve a purpose, just an example)

Maybe if I do another one…

I am hoping for snow but gear tilt first😉

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Well, that´s why there´s the pre-flight option.

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Can we have more voters before closing the poll(s)? Thanks.

And the three most voted options on the main poll are:

  1. Engine start.
  2. Global flight.
  3. Taxiway lights and runway indications.

For the tablet poll, every one wanted a 4GB of RAM with 128GB of space tablet, and lots of people wanted cake, but I suspect everyone would have loved the tablet and the cake.

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Mine would have been an ATC in solo telling you “please don´t taxi throught the grass”, together with what you want.

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