Vote For Where My Next Flyout Is!

I agree as well.

Toronto doesn’t get enough!

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can you make one in Pyongyang, a big one please. We never have there.

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also ulaanbaatar

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North Korea never gets anything!

I would like an event in São Paulo at (Guarulhos) SBGR airport

@CaptainZac @anon79353067

If your interested in Pyongyang 8AUG20 / 1900Z - The First North Korean Flyout! @ ZKPY

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That would be a good one! Very unused for how big it is!

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I want Ulaanbaatar too.

when I had warns to have enough traffic

Psst. (Ontario Int’l)

Nice! That would be fun!

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OBBI in Bahrain as well, super underrated!

I agree! That would be cool!

Please Vote Above For Where My Next Flyout Should Be

Link to top of page for those who are too lazy to scroll: Vote For Where My Next Flyout Is!

Boeing Delivery would be cool! For those who say events don’t have variation anymore and are at the same places; you can literally fly anywhere.

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I picked all of these places based on all of the communities recommendations! That’s why the photo is really close, but I’m excited to host to fly out at one of these places! May the most liked place win!

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Ok. You voted… and the winner is… Tahiti! Sign Up For The Event Here!

The other winner flyout is announced: 19SEP20 / 2000Z - Boeing Delivery Flyout! @KPAE

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