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Hello IFC,

Please use the below polls to help us decide what the next event on TS will be for the IFATC in

  • Big Fly Out
  • Single Airport Recreation
  • Multiple Airport Recreation.
  • Something with GA
  • Take A break and just stay with FNF

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More polls will come after this poll gets voted on.

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Blake | IFATC in Training Leader


Something with GA would be nice


Love how the majority voted for GA. I’m a heavy/military aircraft fan but I love GA too, and I gotta say GA is often neglected, which it shouldn’t because GA is the primary and fundamental basis of raw flying. It’d be awesome to finally give GA some attention.

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I think it would be great to see a single airport realistically be operated on TS.

It would be awesome

@Patrick_McCormack Totally Agree!

GA is getting some love with this one!


I hope if you voted for it and it happens, you please try and attend C:

Is there a specific time that this event will occur or is it just going to be sometime in the future?

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Vote here:

“ Hello everyone! A GA Flyout w/ IFATC in Training is coming out soon! Choose the times (all weekends BTW)

  • Sep 26
  • Sep 27
  • Oct 2
  • Oct 3
  • Oct 9
  • Oct 10

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Also type of Flyout:

  • Massive multi-aircraft USA GA Flyout
  • One airport GA Flyout
  • One airport Multi-aircraft GA Flyout
  • Massive USA GA Flyout

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The top poll is now closed vote for the new one C: ^^^

Please also vote about where it is

  • Grand Canyon
  • Island Hopping (Hawaii)
  • Buffalo (Niagara Falls)
  • Alps (Inssunbruck/Zürich)

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A Hawaii Island hopping event on Oct. 10th is coming!

  • Only GA
  • Long haul in the Morning & GA same day
  • Only Long Haul

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Long Haul and GA will get more people to come ;)

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Hello everyone please dont forget to vote for the above polls! This will influence the next IFATC in Training Event!

The event you asked for is here! 10OCT20/ ALL DAY - Hawaii: 2 Big Events in One @PHNL