Vote for the best name for our VA please?

Here at “Virtual Air name TBD” we strive to create an environment for our pilots that offers a fun space to fly with the chance to operate less commonly used aircraft, new and unique routes as well as providing private, business, commercial and cargo aviation services. Our pilots have the opportunity to request routes and aircraft they want to see added to our fleet to personalise their experience with our VA to exactly what they are looking for. Our fleet will be Boeing 747-8
​Bombardier Dash-8 Q400
Cessna 208 Caravan
Cessna Citation X
Dahee TBM-930
Embraer E170 and our routes at present will be London Heathrow (EGLL) - Guernsey (EGJB)
​Teesside Intl Airport (EGNV) - Belfast International (EGAA) to start with.

Hope this helps

Vote for the best name for our VA
  • Connect Air
  • Clear Airways
  • Fresh Airways
  • Airwave Airways
  • Hamilton Air

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What’s the VA about? It will help me decide :)

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What? We don’t know anything about your VA. Give us some info about it.

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For a decision like this we need a bit more than just the options. The name should not only sound cool, but also tell what it is all about

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Some more context of the VA is needed before we can make any kind of vote on the name

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This is up to you and your staff team :) I recommend asking them instead of the forum

Have added some information above the poll

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I have added some information above the poll

We couldn’t decide lol

Have added information above the poll

I think Fresh Airways sounds very nice :)

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Have added some information above the poll for you

You could just say that information has been added instead of replying to everyone. ;)

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😂😂 sorry didn’t know if everyone would’ve seen it lol

Going by the new description, I would say “connect” suits the criteria best. If you’re not replicating a real-world airline, I’d always recommend ensuring the name matches what you want out of the VA imo

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Thanks for that appreciate the feedback I quite liked connect air also 😎😎

Idk but I think connect air is just too simple… It’s like the first name that comes to your mind when you think of a VO name.

Fresh Routes, Fresh Pilots, Fresh Aircraft, Fresh Airways ;)

See now this is why I wanted to create a poll to get opinions like this from an outside point of view thank you for that input 😁😁

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on my opinion, Connect Air or Fresh Air would be my top 2 list. But you decide which one is better.

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The PM went like this