[VOTE FOR NEXT MOVIE] Syke - Infinite Flight Movie

Hello everyone! I attempted my first ever Infinite Flight Movie recently, with the help of a friend. Featuring Billie Eilish with the song Copycat, this movie uses similar techniques and styles to InfiniteFlightPhotograpers recent movie featuring the same song. Please note that this movie was to see what kind of things we were capable of. We Do have permission from IFP to post our version.

Wear headphones for best experience. The following movie audio is in 8D.

(Thumbnail by @Mavic)

Link to Movie: https://youtu.be/jqx9BpXnahM

Check out the version created by IFP here: https://youtu.be/XHnhYEWpT-A

Please leave any feedback here in the comments!


I would love to hear any feedback you have!

Awesome movie! You guys should definitely continue to make more!

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The Infinite Flight footage is great, I like how you cut it and added the music. But why did you add that 2 minute long timer right before it?

There was a timer before it because I believe it is a Premiere.

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It was a premiere. YouTube adds it, not us.

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Thank you!

I’ve watched it. Nice stuff @Etrain

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Thanks! There will be more to come :)

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Beauty. Really well made.

Thank you! It took some time and dedication!

Thanks for all the support guys! Glad you enjoyed it. Is there anything I can improve on for the next movie?

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If you’re on IOS, you can select the video in Camera Roll, and edit the timer out.

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Get a better thumbnail guy…

Sorry for the late response guys! Good to know for next time @KindaAngrySliceOfPie and I know your trolling @Mavic. Thanks for the awesome thumbnail.


Hey Mate, the vote system isn’t working for some reason… just thought I’d tell you

I would love to see ‘One Kiss’ as you music in your next movie, can’t wait 👌

I created another thread for it (Poll is closed.)

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I was featured in the video in one of the Binter CRJ-1000s! Remember?

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Of course. You can help with the next one when we need it too ;b

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I want to be featured in the next one with you and Frozen Donut instead of being in only one scene.