Vote for Next Infinite Flight Movie Song

Hey all! I’m just doing a quick poll to see which song I should use for my next Infinite Flight Movie.

  • Lie- NF
  • One Kiss- Dua Lipa
  • Stand Back- Stevie Nicks
  • Solo- Clean Bandit
  • I’m a Mess- Bebe Rexha
  • Other

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If you chose Other, what kind of song are you thinking?

electricity-Dua Lipa


Use a classic rock song!

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Think about copyright. YouTube does have some serious copyright laws.


Giant Calvin Harris Rag n Bone

Juice Wrld lol:)

I’ve used copyrighted songs all the time. Because I don’t monetize my videos and give credit, they are fine with it.


Stevie Nicks is a classic :) I’m not sure how well a rock song will go with IF though.

You wish :b

Paint it Black goes well with some FSX movies. Just a suggestion, your video. :)

To be truthful I’ve never even heard of an FSX movie. Time to go surf youtube. 0-0

Watching airplanes-Gary Allan

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Old enough but it’s catchy Twenty one pilots Ride

Interesting @Joseph_Krol
definitely possible. Shame I don’t really like the song :/.

@Joeoreilly77 I’ll check it out!

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Maybe Brain Stew/Jaded clean by Green Day.

I think it’s best we don’t mention Green Day. Let’s just say it’s not my taste and leave it at that.

Mo Bomba or Sicko Mode


Voted 👍, also haven’t had live for a while now but will get it when ever you need me next 👍

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