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Where do I vote for the newest re work for an aircraft??? Bc I was wondering… I want to vote for the 737 re-work? Do we even know what aircraft? Also where can I find out what new updates will be happening??

If you have a look through the #features category, the aircraft’s rework thread will be there!

On the other hand, the 737 just got a new cockpit in 20.1 and got another update in late 2018 that brought wing flex, ground effect, and etc. So that rework has been completed!

20.2 will be the next update, including the B77W rework! Here’s the thread for that!

As for more news on other aircraft, #blog and #announcements are great places to watch!

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So there won’t be a cabin rework? 😢

I don’t think the 737 will be reworked in a few years as it has just been reworked (cockpit) same as the A330 and the A320 family 🙂. Also the demands for new features like taxi light, building, gates, clouds etc will push the rework of the 737 back.

Adding on, the 737 is pretty low on the list of priorities, and it may be difficult to implement a cabin on aircraft that have more that ~75 seats (CRJ family). It would definitely be cool to see!

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I would love jet bridges

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