Vote for my next goal (Fly every route of a specific airline)

Since, I have been enjoying my flights with many other IF pilots to achieve my first goal set recently. I decided that I will set another goal after the completion of the first one. The next goal will still be to fly consecutively every routes of a specific airline which is a codeshares of @DubaiVirtual.

So, I have 2 options for my next goal in mind;

  • Emirates SkyCargo which has many legs in its flights and having main departure hub OMDW and secondary departure hub OMDB. (Update: All Emirates SkyCargo operations moved to OMDB only and passenger aircraft are being used for some only-cargo flights)
  • FlyDubai which has only short and medium haul flights from hub OMDB.

But I will let IFC votes for the best option:

  • Emirates SkyCargo with about 100 routes.
  • FlyDubai with more than 110 routes.

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The link to my next goal post will be here.

The kick-off of my next goal is scheduled for 2021-05-01T06:30:00Z during this event.


With the final flight of my first goal departing on 2021-04-16T20:00:00Z at 1430Zā€¦ It seems like I will start my next goal next week with the Emirates SkyCargo!

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Best of luck !

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Thank you very much!

My next goal topic is out here!

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