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Will gear-tilt come?

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Well disappointed about the 777 winning but still as misha said they will not only be looking at number 1 maybe the ATR will come in soon and maybe even the ERJ :(


Guys, let’s not be selfish here okay? These devs care about us and are looking at every single reply. Just be happy we even get a rework! This is still awesome! And think if they added 777X?


I am happy to see 777 get a much needed rework in the cockpit and some other things and updated to the new standard of aircraft which we will be receiving in IF from now on. But I just want to say to the people who were hoping for the 757 and 767 to be reworked now, please don’t lose hope. Honestly we would all love those planes to be updated and devs have noticed our desires for those planes as well. I feel mostly in future updates we will be receiving reworked older planes instead of new planes (specifically jetliners). Its not the end for 757 and 767! :)

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But i mean this is why i put it on the 767.
It can do short hauls like DFW-MIA or Medium haul to long hauls like EWR-HNL
But i am still happy

Hey all. I shall be closing this in the next minute or so. Last comments/spontaneous moments of joy welcome!


At least it’s not a broken flight model that can’t taxi.


Alright guys, It was a fun thread. Enjoy the 777!


Congrats to the 777 fans!


Would have loved to see the A380 get its rework and see those beautiful wings flex during takeoff and landing. But hey. The 777 looks almost as good with wing flex…


The main think that I feel adds the most realism to an upgraded aircraft is wingflex.

Flying the 777 with the wings drooping just looks wrong. That’s why it does need an upgrade, even if people think there’s nothing wrong with it.


Slow clap…


Well by everyone congrats on the 777 winning

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My last comment is…

Try not to be too salty at people.

Enjoy the 777!


I like your idea!

I will say I hope the 777X is not included, as it is far away and still in early development stages. I’m looking forward to a focus on the current four models having some great attention to detail!


The 777 will be that same quality as the A350 well done IF


Thank you, everyone!

This has been a blast, and the results are surprising to say the least! This is a great indication that you just never know who the silent majority will turn out to be (hmm reminds me of another situation on social media… #everyonesleaving). Jokes, of course.

Thank you again to all who participated. Almost 5000 votes! That is amazing and goes to show that our community is going strong.

As a housekeeping item, please keep any other topics clean and drama-free if the 777 wasn’t your aircraft of choice. Here are a few FAQ answers before anyone asks:

  • No, this does not mean the other aircraft on the list will be forgotten about or abandoned
  • We will not necessarily host a vote for every aircraft decision, though we certainly do appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions as customers.
  • There is no ETA for this aircraft yet since we just learned about it along with you.
  • There is no ETA for the A350
  • Yes, yes, we know… clouds, 3D buildings, etc etc etc. A350. Got it.

Thanks again, and please go outside and do something kind for someone who isn’t expecting it!