Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft!

Fellow aviators!

Part of this forum’s mission is to give users a voice in the development of Infinite Flight. This is where ideas live, and communication happens. As you know, many factors contribute to the development decision-making process. This forum’s #features category is full of amazing ideas that we can’t wait to see realized in the app. The A350 was by far and away the most requested aircraft to date and development is well underway. We’ve grouped the next 10 aircraft in order of votes.

As part of our commitment to you, we are asking what you want to see next. This won’t just help us inform our next decision. This will decide it. To help inform your vote, here are the first quarter of 2019 server stats of aircraft flown:

A note about Concorde

One of our top requests as you can see from the stats is the legendary Concorde. We are aware of this airplane's iconic place in aviation history and we know it would indeed be an interesting and challenging addition to Infinite Flight. However, we develop all of our aircraft in-house. Due to the sheer number of developer and 3D artist hours that would be required to build the Concorde at the level of detail you have come to expect from us, we have removed this aircraft from consideration for the time being.

This wasn’t an easy decision for us since we understand it’s highly requested. To give a bit of context here, part of our in-house discussion was around the complexity of the back aircraft engineer panel. We can all agree that a static image of the panel wouldn’t be up to current standards. The next step is to decide what instruments are functional and here is the important part: even if they don’t move, they still have to be modeled, named, and mapped. All of this takes a lot of time, and we’re at a level now where we won’t be shipping low-resolution textures. Concorde may make an appearance in the future, but for now, we’re putting this feature request on pause. We will close the feature request so that votes can be used on other features. If in the future we feel our aircraft process is at a point where Concorde is feasible, we will reopen.

Cast your vote!

Voting will remain open until Tuesday, May 14th at 2100Z. To vote: simply click or tap your choice. That’s it!

  • A330
  • B737 (not variant-specific)
  • B777
  • A220
  • B757
  • ATR-72
  • ERJ
  • B767
  • A380

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Notes: Aircraft variants are not a part of this poll since many factors can influence which variants are added. Some options are new and some are complete reworks. For this poll, we are interested in one winner with the most votes. All forum votes (excluding Concorde) will remain intact for future considerations.

Thank you for your input!


Holy! Thanks for the update Jason!

Now here are just my opinions. I will leave my vote towards the end.

A330 - I may be voting for this because the Aer Lingus livery has not been yet added for several years once requested. Same thing with many other missing liveries. Cockpit and an aircraft faster to rework, as the physics has been already updated.

B757 and B767 - This will be second on the list I must start considering that this aircraft starts getting old. A good rework will be just amazing. Also Aerlingus livery for the 757.

ATR-72 - Is a missing Aircraft needed for Infinite Flight for a quite a long time. Especially all over the world. We need a competitor with the Dash-8 Q400. And yes, the Aer Lingus Regional livery will be handy!

A380 - The First few Aircrafts is now getting scrapped! It stops the production now! This is also on the top of my list as one of the best aircrafts to use. It’s a legendary jumbo aircraft that would just be amazing to fly out of with.

B777 - Yet, a few physics changes and a rework will definitely become handy. Most importantly, plenty of liveries are missing!

The ERJ Family will be next, as it requires a rework. More LOT Polish liveries too!

The new aircrafts, such as an A220 will come last. We actually don’t need a new aircraft with a small amount of liveries that will serve once for a long time. This aircraft is just too New for me. 👍

My opinion: A330, A380, B757, ATR.


Out of all the aircraft listed, the a380 is one of the oldest as well as one of the most used. It deserves a rework.


767 757 yes


„The developers don’t listen to us!!!“

Well there you go guys… 😂

Great post Jason, thank you!


with out a doubt a 757 rework that aircraft is in much need of an update


ATR would be amazing to have😰


Thank you Jason for making this such a hard choice 😂


YESSSS!!! I’ve been waiting for this!!!


Yeah, I agree. The devs do listen. Thanks tho Jason


Hopping on the 777 train!


Hoping for the B737MAX8 (and 9)

And I want a full B737 rework with cockpit animations (live cockpit) and a cabin (maybe even new engine sounds! :D)


Although I would like the a220, I think we should do reworks instead of adding, this is an extremely hard choice.


I’m all for a new aircraft! #TeamATR

Can we possibly get a ATR-42 added onto it to have a full ATR fleet?


Sad see the Concorde not on this list, voted for the ATR72, hope see Empires feeder!


I’m torn! Why do we have to have such great options! Thanks IF for letting us decide what’s next!


I hope that ERJ means ERJ Rework and possible addition of American Eagle liveries and better range!


Triple 7 gang! The B77W would look amazing with wing flex and a new cockpit!!


757 really needs a rework. The cockpit would be wonderful to see in the sim!