Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft - The Results

Well, one day has passed so it’s essay time.

The argument against the A350 was that it was “too new” and that the flight physics models couldn’t be exactly pinpointed down, not that it didn’t have enough airlines. Then, in April 2019, the first mention of the A350’s development came out as far as I could find. The A350’s first flight took place in 2013. The A220’s first flight took place in…2013 as well. There has been plenty of time. Also, we have to consider development time. 20-ish airlines have place orders for the A220-300. We already know the 757 is coming. IF has been averaging approximately half a year, give or take, between large additions. That means the A220 would likely not come out until at least mid-next year. This would give time for two things. 1) To get more deliveries going. JetBlue’s A220s are already starting to roll out of the shop, and 2) Get even more orders. Even though it might not be successful as the A350, many major airlines are confident in it and have placed/been delivered huge orders, and I think many will follow suit.

I agree; in fact IF doesn’t have a gap in anything except for military. I think you’ve misinterpreted the argument. Long haul keeps getting addition after addition after addition while short haul doesn’t really get anything. It’s not that there’s a gap in short haul, it’s that there’s a gap in improvements to short haul. The last update was the 737 glass instruments, which hardly counts as anything. The 757 is not used that much as a short haul aircraft anymore. The remaining operators mainly fly the thing either transatlantic or on their longer 4-6 hour routes. The A220 slots well under that flying mainly regional to 3 hour routes.

I’m just going to ignore the fact that you said the 747 was in better shape than anything. Literally a brick that happens to have really stiff wings on it. After the A350, I don’t really see what gap you’re talking about. The 777 series was all flyable and to be honest, quite good. We also have the MD11 and DC10 which are fairly advanced planes in their own right. I don’t really see how order numbers can be that influential on a flight simulator. Sure, it’s popular among airlines, but we’re not airlines, we’re flight simmers. I just don’t see how someone can look at the current long haul lineup and say “that’s not good enough, there’s a hole after we just got 4 up-to-standard aircraft and one pretty-much-there aircraft”.

First half of the first sentence. True. Big gap. Second half. Not true. The routes the A220 operates are mostly all short, especially with these big hub airlines like Delta and Swiss.

That’s quite ignorant considering you’ve been presented by a wide variety of users quite an extensive list of reasons that the A220 should be added over the A330 rework including route variety, giving short haul aircraft some love, and the fact that the A330 is seemingly fine in its current state. If people love and want a “brand new shiny jet with giant screens”, then the B777 rework (not brand new, definitely not that many screens) and the ATR (not a jet) would not have beaten the A330 in the previous poll before 20.1.


Ok, a few points on this because this mentality is beginning to irritate me as well.

One, is it okay to berate people? Of course it is not, immaturity will never be congratulated here. I respect the people who have laid out their views in a coherent manor with facts to back up their argument.

Two, I’m not reading everything but from what I’ve read the people, like myself, are in no way whatsoever upset with the Infinite Flight team, they are upset with their fellow community members. We (community) voted.

For many of us, who have commented previously, I don’t know what those 1000s others who didn’t comment are thinking and I am not speaking about those who actually wanted the A220. Voting for the A220 was more of a vote for the greater good of everyone within the community. We weren’t too thrilled to be voting for the A220, but it was a regional/short haul aircraft and that fit what we thought was needed. We are of the opinion that we did not need another long-haul aircraft, and could use some variety. It was seen as the self-less pick.

For those who took the self-less approach, voting for the A330 seemed more like the selfish choice. “I don’t care about your experience, I want this plane”. Now, I can’t blame them for wanting the plane they’ve been waiting for for a long time, it’s great they finally get to have it, but I can see why some are irritated with that kind of thinking. I don’t think the people who are reacting that way who think that way are coherently communicating that frustration effectively though, which isn’t good either.

Now, is it right to get irritated because a group of people became unhappy that their peers were only thinking about themselves and not others? I’m not sure I can agree that’s something to get mad at, it seems to be a logical thought that we should all try to work as a community together to get what’s best for everyone.

For example, say we live in an alternate universe where GA aircraft are the favorite of everyone. I’m the kind of person, and I’ve seen others who act the same, that would be self-less and see, “oh hey, I have plenty of toys to play with, I see everyone’s point that they think we have a disproportionate amount of GA aircraft as compared to every other aircraft type, I’m going to put my personal wants aside and vote for the commercial aircraft instead because they’re underrepresented”.

I actually did exactly that in this year’s vote and didn’t vote for the King Air, because I though “oh right, regional aircraft has a chance, I rarely fly anything that has a jet engine attached to it that isn’t a C750, but I’ll help them out this year because I sometimes fly regional flights in GA/corporate aircraft and I like seeing variety in the sky”.

That’s where I think a lot of people are coming from. It’s an opinion of a portion of the 49.68%. I don’t think the majority are upset about not getting what they want, I think they’re upset with the mentality of others. If you think about it that way you may form a different opinion about people’s reactions, the one’s who have been mature about it at least.


Ye, I might join the Aer Lingus VA, I don’t know for sure


Why is ppl so mad
The a220 will come in due time be patient folks


Most of the planes in the game are long haulers Wdym we need another

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Honestly As much I like the A220 I think E Jets or ATR Should’ve been to round 2


Everyone be doing long replies and ranting at each other.

I’m just gonna say this:

As long as we get both…I really don’t care


I’m very glad the A330 has finally been redesigned! But it is just as annoying that the IF community is focusing so much on long-distance travel. I live in Russia, and our country has a very developed short-haul service. I would like to see a really high-quality regional aircraft in the next issue. However, the community is tired of the fact that so many wide-body aircraft appear in the sky every minute. I hope that the development team will listen to our requests and upgrade some short-haul aircraft or add a new one.

I understand that my comment will not be popular, but I would like to see in such a large-scale Sukhoi Super Jet (Russian Regional Jet) or BAe 146 simulator.


I wanted to A220 to win but…
You get what you get and don’t throw a fit.


I just made a list of “flyable aircraft” (aircraft that have decent physics, not taking graphics into consideration) separated between short haulers and long haulers and the difference is not as big as you may think

Flyable short haulers
  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • 737-700
  • 737-800
  • 737-900
  • CRJ-200
  • CRJ-700
  • CRJ-900
  • CRJ-1000
  • Dash-8 Q400
  • Total: 12 aircraft
Flyable long haulers (cargo included)
  • A330-200F
  • A330-300
  • A350-900
  • 757-200 coming soon (can fly transatlantic routes)
  • 777-200ER
  • 777-200LR
  • 777-200F
  • 777-300ER
  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10
  • DC-10
  • DC-10F
  • MD-11
  • MD-11F
  • Total: 15 aircraft (11 if cargo is not included)

So, as you noticed, the difference is of only 3 aircraft models. It’s still a majority, but not that huge.
Remember that with the A330 rework, we will not have a new long hauler, just one of them with better physics and graphics.


I disagree on your statement. Russia do have short, medium and “Long haul” Aircraft. Example: Aeroflot, Nordwind, Azur Air. Vim Airlines has also long haul but it ceased operation 2017.

it’s getting tired of complaining, whining, that people can’t accept the result. The Majority has been spoken. A330 is used short, medium and long haul. Doesn’t matter if it’s another widebody because they have been selected during round 1. To be honest, ERJ or ATR deserve more better than A220. But it didn’t. So all we can do is accept the result. End of story


I’m so confused.
So in round #1 the A330 was the most requested feature, beating the A220 by a margin of 350.
Then when people voted in round #1, The A330 again won by a margin of 371. But for some reason, we had to have a round #2, where everyone voted between the A330 and the A220. This time the A330 won by only a tiny margin.

What I’m saying here is: Why did we have to do another round even though polling already showed the A330 was the clear favourite?

I’m not accusing anyone of wrongdoing, I am just interested.

If I’m right, @jasonrosewell (or other staff) explained this by saying round 2 would only happen if there wasn’t a majority choice, and defined a majority choice as at or above 50% of the vote, and the A330 fell short of 50%, so round 2 was conducted.

Anyways, shouldn’t this topic be closed already? Tired of seeing all the repetitive statements, and we all know the results and have had our input.


Will the a220 come after the a330


We don’t know. It could be a surprise but we won’t know until the decision is made.

It’s true that there are some flyable short haul planes but all the aircraft that have excellent graphics AND a live cockpit are long haul. A350, 777, and soon to be 757 and A330.

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In this case, the requested feature votes aren’t truly representative of the entire community since the A330 Rework request accumulated votes over the past 4+ years. New people have joined and older ones have left the community. Each may have different and new views on the aircraft they prefer.

Adding on to nativetoalaska, the A330 technically is not the “clear favorite” - both in Round 1 and 2.

In Round 1, the A330 received 21.8% of the votes, the A220 received 14.5%, and the 747 and ATR with approximately 11% each. This means the community is mostly divided among several aircraft, and there’s no clear majority winner even though the A330 received several hundred more votes than the A220. Only the winner with above 50% would be the next aircraft/rework.

This is why Round 1 was inconclusive and led to Round 2. The people who didn’t vote for the A330 or A220 (or if people decided to switch to the opposing aircraft) now had the option to vote the one they wanted next.

Although, Round 2 proved a massive division among the community. It was practically a 50/50 split between the two aircraft, though the A330 was marginally ahead.


Looking forward to the release of the new 330!

Didn’t we have 2 separate teams working on the 777 and A350? They weren’t released at the same time, but at a point they were worked on simultaneously. Why can’t the same be done here, with one team doing the A330-300 AND -200 and another doing the E-Jets or ATR (or if the community desperately needs a brand new shiny composite jet with 5 liveries, the A220)?

The problem with that is that you end up with what happened with the A350: you have KLM and Aer Lingus A350s running around when those things will likely never actually happen. I like the A220 and I can’t wait to see what future airlines take delivery of it, but I am 100% opposed to adding airlines that have not taken delivery of the plane yet, and this goes for all aircraft.

But what improvements are there left for short haul? The E-Jets or ATR weren’t up there, and the dominant aircraft are the A320 and 737, which are in good shape. Against the A330, the A220 just doesn’t offer enough. Had it been the E-Jets or ATR, which actually fill a hole, I may have been inclined to vote differently

You misstated what I said. Among the 3 giants in widebody numbers (777, 747, A330), the 747 was in better shape than the other 2. It’s not in good shape, but the 777 and A330 needed it more. If you’re going to put words in my mouth, you might as well just stop replying to me.

Quite good is quite the stretch, but it was somewhat alright. Cockpit sucked, but the rest of it wasn’t too horrible. However, it is reworked now. The 747 isn’t horrible. It’s time to bring the A330 up.

Really, it’s delivery numbers that’s important, because we try to be realistic simmers, last time I checked. This means that it’s more realistic to have a beautiful A330 and be missing the A220, than to have the A220 and a horrible A330. Imagine if we didn’t have the 747, or 737, then you’ll get what I’m saying. 100 planes vs 1500, again, speaks for itself.

You seem to be using the word regional as a way to describe the aircraft’s typical route profile. I’m using it to describe the aircraft’s design. The E-Jets are regional planes. The 717 or A221 are considered regional by some. The A220-300 is mainline, full stop. The A320 and 737 fill that quite well. It’s a good plane, but right now it’s no more relevant than the Fokker 100 or Boeing 717. I don’t see people shouting for either of those.

The A330 is fine? So the horrid cockpit, wrong engines, weird body and liveries are alright? If it was released 2 or 3 years ago in it’s current state, would you have been satisfied with it then? I’ll say it’s a resounding no.

That is true, and many of those people who are doing that are also being respectful and somewhat quiet. They’re not being brash right now. The ones that are being loud and a little over the top, they just want a new shiny jet with next gen-avionics.

If you want to continue this conversation @AndrewWu, shoot me a DM. I’m not going to waste another post on a reply to this.


The 747-8 has problems. The nose always points up a lot, and it needs a fuel fix.

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