Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft - The Results

It’s hard to tell if this is a joke or not since you’ve provided no evidence of a rigged election, but we’re sorry it misses the mark for you and we’ll hope to see you back soon. Feel free to reach out if you have actual information to back your claim. I’d be happy to take a look.


Wow! What a close call! I am excited to see the A330-300 get reworked! Let’s go #A330Gang ! 🤩🥳

Will a new engine be available or will the same old engine remain on all liveries, which is also available now?


Welp, good job guys, another long hauler!

Was really looking forward to seeing the new short haul possibilites that we currently do not have, instead of the thousands of long haul routes and many aircraft we already have.

Oh well.


A330 boys we’ve made it and as for the A220 boys well it’ll definitely be comin soon. Also I know a A330 pilot who’s able to test the reworked version, my dad.


A330 fanboys we made it! imagine the new gear tilt and live cockpit and more liveries 🤩

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Let’s let them actually plan and start things first. The vote literally ended less than 24 hours ago.

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I don’t think even next time we’d get a short hauler if we go by the polls. Smh! I think the staff need to take an internal decision next time for an aircraft addition as no doubt there will always be these long haul fanatics and it would be impossible to get short haulers if we go by votes.

The ‘big plane’ lovers need to step out of their comfort zone and experience smaller planes. And let me tell you, they are so so much better. It’s Infinite Flight! Don’t say the A220 doesn’t fly to manh destinations. You can fly anywhere in Infinite Flight! Let’s hope this A330 gets reworked soon so more short haulers, GA, military can come. Enough with these long haulers/big planes.

Fun fact: The A220 can fly to more airports than the A330 so yeah basically the A220 would theoretically have more routes. Like WAY more. Let’s be honest. Numerous kids were the one’s who carried the A330 to victory. This is literally the 6th long hauler one after the other! We need a much better and diverse fleet.


the new smile crying emoji seems 100% suitable here🥲

But will the A220 be next? Or was all this for nothing and next time, there might be a long haul again???


Let’s go I wanted the a330 for a long time. I see what people mean when they want short range flights but the a330 is essential for that gear drag on landings but after the a330 the devs should definitely add a short range plane!

I think most likely the next aircraft could possibly be 747 rework, A220, E-jet rework or the ATR

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For all of us regional, ga, military, executive guys. Look at the bright side:

  • We will likely be done with wide-bodies for some time after this, this will allow for other types of aircraft to be reworked and added.
  • Every new aircraft is a bit more advanced than the last one. When your preferred aircraft gets reworked/added, it will likely be of higher quality than the A330.
  • 50% has voted for something that’s not a wide-body, they have shown that there’s huge demand a more diverse fleet.
  • If you voted for the A220 because you actually like it (not because you don’t want the A330), you will get it added after it has had some time to gain operators, routes and liveries.

Looking forward to the A330!


But if this happens there are accusations of #features not mattering. We certainly can’t have it both ways here.

I hear you… the A330 is quite boring and repetitive but it’s what the majority voted on. In the future we will continue improving aspects of the sim that we feel are missing but on the occasions where it is put to a vote (like this one) there really isn’t much to contest. It was a fair question presented to the community and they have spoken! Thanks for your understanding.


Can we get VAR please?🥺


15 years later, we still waiting for the a220🤣🤣🤣

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This was my whole logic behind voting for the A220, though.

The A330 was much more likely to be reworked through a dev team independent choice because of the amount of votes and how long it’s been waiting for a full rework.

It didn’t need a community vote to choose it. If the A220 had won, the A330 would have definitely come as the next full rework regardless due to community outrage and demand.

If there had been more shorthaul reworks/additions (ATR/ERJ/CRJ) in the recent past (excluding 737/A320 as they have gotten “reworked” with live cockpit and liveries/wingflex), there would be less demand for a new regional airliner and therefore even more demand for the A330.


I have to say, I am quite disappointed, but I’m glad this is coming! Hopefully we’ll see a Jet Airways livery on this soon!! 🤩


Guys, I think we need an A340 rework after this…more widebodies, right?

No seriously, no more widebodies please!

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I am a bit more than slightly happy, I was rooting for the A330! My last vote really did end up mattering, as this was close by .64%

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