Vote for Infinite Flight's Next Aircraft - Round 2

A330! I really want to see it reworked it’s one of my favorite aircrafts!


it would only be the -300

We want to focus on one variant at a time to ensure quality releases. Too many variant is too much to handle for our small team.


oh man was really hoping the 747 would pull thru (748 F is pure clout) but between these two I def prefer the a330. a220 is a #fakeairbus


No matter what happens Airbus wins but if the A330 is added I just hope for US Airways or American Airlines to be added too.


Hope the A220 wins, the A330 is just a ugly fat plane that can climb max 500fpm.


I joined the forum to questioned the physic works way back in 2016. Voted for the rework, joined the rework flight and 4 years down the line 4 years ladies and gentlemen only a minor reworked was received. The 757 was given priority to a major rework. Despite being the top voted plane not once but 3 times Infinite Flight just wouldn’t rework this poor plane.

At that point of time, the A330 was to receive a rework but gotten a soft rework for god knows why and somehow the new Community Poll (whereby everyone decides which plane they would like to receive a rework) was introduced. Every since the soft rework, the plane was continuously avoided, the poll for it was shut and no discussion could be brought up regarding the A330 rework and again only god knows why. Noted internally was the reasoning given.

When I brought up regarding the A330 polls thread being closed, can be read via here A330 rework thread still closed the A330 polls were opened days later…

That gave the 330 fanboys or people a slight hope that it was being reworked until they did a teaser and announced the 757. Due to the polls being closed, the 757 somehow surpasses the votes of the A330 despite it being the highest throughout the period of it being closed standing at an estimate 1300 and the 757 only at an estimate of 1100. Now if it were really noted internally, the reworks for the aircraft should have began instead of the 757 but ever since they closed the polls, Infinite Flight too forgot about the poor plane they tweaked slightly.

I’m glad that the 757 fan boys were heard whereas the 330 fanboys completely ignored and shut away. I’m also glad that 2 Airbus aircraft have made it to the final polls. However, looking at the majority, the A330 clearly won again! No tie! Once more Infinite Flight decides that it is not a clear winner allowing a second poll. Tricking people into voting the A220-300 and A330-300 when they could have just placed it like the previous poll A220 and A330.

Thanks for reading this. If you’ve made it this far, I’m a hardcore Airbus and A330 fanboy. Clearly voted for the A330 however if the A220 is to win, kudos to the A220 fanboys. To the A330 fanboys, if we’ve lost, we’ve tried our very best for once more.



Oh, my God! I’m excited to see the voting results now, but I’m also worried that 330 won’t win in the end. I hope the result of this vote will not disappoint us. Adding a new model is not the most important thing for me. In contrast, I think it would be better to redo the classic 330, because I love it. So, I vote for A330! I like any A330 model!


Yeah buddy, lets go a220!


Wish it was the C17 image_from_ios


Why do people so like the A330

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An A350, and 4 777’s. all of those back to back. The A330 only appeals to people who think since it’s a big plane, means it should be reworked first. We want a narrowbody.

The A220 is due to become a major player in a lot of airlines around the world. We the people, are TIRED of reworks. Give us a new aircraft that is unique, and well rounded for many airports.

You can only fly to so many airports in an A330. The A330 fangirls will get their beloved hair dryer powered aircraft one day, but this next update, is not it. Keep in mind y’all just had a soft rework to get it to average standards.


It’s pretty simple - Vote A220


Don’t get me wrong the A220 is a beautiful aircraft and we have had many wide body reworks in the past but it’s a very new aircraft and doesn’t have many liveries or that many routes.

The A330 has even more short hauls and a lot more stunning liveries. That gorgeous gear tilt wouldn’t hurt either ;)

So please vote for the A330!


yes lets go!!!

May I please just make a couple of points from my perspective. I want to make clear that these are my opinions and are not by any means subjective.

  • The A330 was very recently reworked and to be honest, it boosted the usage of the aircraft for a bit but was quickly forgotten about. What’s to say the same is not going to happen again?
  • The A220 is an aircraft that has a lot of potential and is the face of the future of aviation with a narrow-body long haul plane that is equipped to be around for a LONG time
  • The A220 would be an all-new aircraft and that would be awesome!

Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and if you have any questions or would like to debate my ideas, my inbox is always open :)


The rules of the poll were.

If no aircraft reaches a majority then it goes to a second round. As the A330 only got to 23% (A majority would be above 50%) having an aircraft that only 23% of the voters would like isn’t a fair system, hence why the second round exists. To see which one the community would prefer out of the 2 highest options.

This is a very fair system in my eyes, if it works for the French president I’m sure it can work for a new aircraft.


Team A220!!!


A220 for the win!


I wouldn’t mind if we got either

Both would be amazing

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😳😳😳😳 Us 747 guys demand a hand RECOUNT!!! 🤣😂🙄 747 should have been in Round 2…😭😤 At least passenger versions of the 747-4, 747-8… Cargo iterations at future date. Anyway, I am going to root for the underdog this time! Viva 220!